Company Overview

Kingsbury, Inc. is known for its firsts - the first fluid film bearing installed in a hydraulic turbine, first horizontal tilting pad bearing, first leading-edge groove directed lubrication tilt pad bearing (LEG), and many others. Our company prides itself on providing tailored solutions for unique applications, with customer-focused service and a complete toolkit of capabilities that starts with engineering and R&D, moves into manufacturing and continues through comprehensive aftermarket support.

Larger, faster machines and challenging applications require new designs. The transitioning demand for cleaner fuels and more energy-efficient processes requires new thinking. So the Kingsbury team is hard at work, proposing solutions to address the needs of the future. Our bearings are found in power plants, refineries and major industrial operations the world over. As the demand for more environmentally responsible energy such as cleaner burning fuels, renewable technologies and distributed energy plants continues to grow, Kingsbury will be poised to offer expert bearing solutions, just as we have for over 100 years. Anywhere superior performance is required, you'll find the Kingsbury name.


At Kingsbury, we are committed to providing our customers with products and services designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.  As the world-renowned industry leader, we will deliver the highest value to the market and will exceed our customers’ expectations.  To our shareholders, we will provide a fair, consistent and long-term return on investment. 
We will accomplish this while acting in an ethical and principled manner toward our employees and the communities in which we operate.   Kingsbury is committed to improving the global environment, in the way we conduct business, operate our facilities, and through our products and services.

Company Summary
Kingsbury, Inc.
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